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Not to be confused with sprouts or shoots, Microgreens are vegetable greens harvested just after the cotyledon leaves have developed.

4 to 20 times more nutritious than their mature counterparts (in potassium, zinc, iron, calcium), microgreens are also packed full of flavour and rich in in vitamin c, vitamin e, and beta-carotene (pro-vitamin A)

All our microgreens are grown from untreated seeds, in organic potting soil to provide a healthy, tasty, cost effective way to boost your nutrient intake.

Popular for their intense flavours (spicy, bitter, sweet and nutty) and best eaten raw use microgreens as a side to any main dish or:

  • Mix into salads

  • Layer in sandwiches, burgers and wraps

  • Garnish drinks

  • Season soups

  • Improve smoothies

  • Load into sushi rolls

  • Add to stir fries, curries, and savoury pancakes

  • Try them as pizza toppings

  • Blend into pesto or salsa



Without doubt, one of the most popular microgreens we grow and nutrient dense with beta-carotene, vitamin c and folate. In fact one cup of pea microgreens provides about 35% of your daily vitamin c intake. Sweet, and tender, pea microgreens taste like fresh summer peas. Enjoy raw, sauteed, or stir fried to provide an innovative and tastier alternative to conventional peas.



These are the most nutrient-packed microgreens, covering letters of the vitamin alphabet from A to B, C, E and K.

Providing a powerful flavour kick to any dish (as strong as their mature counterparts) they may also:

  • Boosts the immune system.

  • Promotes healthy skin and eyes.

  • May aid in weight loss.

  • Regulates blood sugar levels.

  • Have detoxifying and cleansing properties.


China Rose Radish - Spicy with a hint of sweetness, this microgreen provides the same intense flavour as it's mature counterpart. A very beautiful microgreen with its vivid pink stem. Fantastic in salads, or served as an alternative to chilli sauce in your burgers.

Daikon Radish - This microgreen is typically a bit spicier than the more common red radish root. Tasting very peppery, zesty and spicy, substantial and crisp.Very similar in flavour to the full grown vegetable. Use sparingly for a radish accent to make a great addition or garnish to any salad or sandwich.

Pink Radish - Hot, spicy and peppery in taste this radish does have a sweeter flavour but still served with a tangy bite.  This microgreen has light pink stems. Fantastic as a pesto or can be used to add depth to salads, soup, sushi and sandwiches.



A favoured microgreen rich in protein and amino acids, calcium and arguably one of the best sources for trace minerals. Sunflower microgreens have a slightly nutty taste with nuances of lemon, almond and seeds. Crunchy in texture, you can eat sunflower microgreens the same way you would use baby lettuce or alfalfa sprouts. Both the leaves and stem are delicious - raw or cooked but if cooking add them to the dish after you take it off the heat to maintain crunch and texture. Perfect in salads, omelettes, scrambled eggs, sandwiches, wraps and smoothies.

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